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Chiller Efficiency Optimization

Chillers are high energy consumers and over 95% of the chillers waste 5-30% of the electricity on avoidable inefficiencies. Performance monitoring is the first step in chiller efficiency optimization. Lower Chiller operating cost through optimization of energy efficiency, increased plant reliability and reduced equipment wear with this DENA endorsed solution (German Energy Agency).
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Increase Chiller efficiency with Automatic Condenser cleaning and thermal storage

Increase Chiller Efficiency By Means of Tube Cleaning and Thermal Storage

As a property manager of a major hotel, hospital, mall, or event space, the efficiency of the chillers can make a big difference in the electricity costs you incur at the end of the month. In this article, we discuss two strategies that could be used independently or in combination to save on chiller operating cost and investment by maximizing capacity: Thermal storage; On-line or automatic tube cleaning;
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Using Air-Conditioning Energy For All Its Worth

In the search of ways to reduce building operating cost and energy consumption in the new US Department of Labor Building, a simple method of improving heat transfer was applied. A Presidential Letter of Commendation was given to Mr. Petritsch for such contribution to energy consumption and more economic management.
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Twisted-Tape Inserts as a strategy to improve heat transfer rates

Twisted tape enhances heat transfer in heat exchanger tubes by modifying the flow channel of the cooling fluid. In fluid dynamics, two main types of flows exist: laminar and transverse. In laminar flow, fluid particles travel in a longitudinal direction, and the only mode of heat transfer is conduction.
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Chiller Efficiency – Why Chiller Manufacturers Fail to Recommend Brush Cleaning Systems

Learn about 3 reasons Why Chiller Manufacturers Fail to Recommend Automatic Brush Cleaning Systems. What is a simple way to keep Chiller Efficiency high?
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Eqobrush Energy Performance Contract for China

Learn how Eqobrush continuous chiller cleaning system helps to improve energy efficiency in Chinese buildings without investment. By avoiding the settlement of any fouling the chillers keep running at optimal performance at all times and >10% electricity can easily be saved.
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