CentraFill – A revolutionary Cooling Tower Fill Splash & Film Heat Exchange Medium with great efficiency

The CentraFill® cooling tower fills consists of predetermined layers of triangle corrugated profiles. The triangle bars are in cross-section towards each other in the tower structure.


  • Due to the positions of the corrugated profiles, the air is intensely turbulated in the infill structure and this is how the extreme labyrinth functions.
  • The very open structure of the CentraFill® cooling tower fill results in extremely low pressure drop and energy consumption.
  • At the same time, the water droplets do attach to the profiles and free fall randomly down to lower levels where it is adhesively spread over the profile angles.
  • The large holdup time of the water in the tower and the intense contact with the surrounding air creates an efficient exchange of the heat load.
  • The infill is completely assembled at the cooling tower site. No tools or adhesives are required.


  • Standard material is PVC or ABS, PE or PP for special applications.
  • Supply CKD (complete-knock-down) for assembly at the tower site.
  • Box Sizes (SI-mm/IMP-foot): 1200 x 1200 / 4 x 4 – 1800×1800 / 6 x 6 – 2400×2400 / 8 x 8 Height: N6 = 600/2 – N9 = 900/3 – N12 = 1200/4 Combinations of N6+N9, N9+N9, N6+N12, N9+N12, N12+N12, depending on heat load.
  • Thermal calculations and selections on request.

Centrafill application