Engineering and Production Approach

Cooling tower

We, like many western manufacturers, have moved from our own production to strategic outsourcing. Our core business is product development, engineering, and marketing.
We hold high-grade knowledge and cooperate and comply with most important knowledge institutes like CTI in the USA and VDMA in Germany.

Over the course of time, we have built a network of first-class approved suppliers with specific knowledge on manufacturing procedures and material handling. Our project department is in charge of manufacturing procedures, supply chain management, and supplier supervision.

Two manufactured products are outsourced under direct manufacturing control; Stainless steel and FRP parts. Our fiberglass components are pultruded profiles for the structure and hand lay-up lamination for the side panels and the fan stacks. All of these are procured from qualified manufacturers using our molds and manufactured up to international standards.

Our mechanical components are strictly sourced from first-class renowned manufacturers in the cooling tower business. We do regular factory checks as these companies are following a certified TQC system. As even a top quality product does not perform well if it is not correctly selected for the job, our engineering is renowned for selecting the right product for every job.

We set forth flexibility in engineering and designing. As conditions differ from job to job, we design and build all cooling towers for a perfect fit to the project.

We own branded product lines for infill, nozzles, drift eliminators and small low noise fans, all developed in using our 30 years of cooling tower engineering experience.

Warranties:cooling tower fan

  • Overall thermal performance and capability of the installation.
  • Minimal 12 months on gears and motors.
  • 10 years on FRP cooling tower structures.
  • Most competitive pricing for European engineered first-class cooling towers