Infills and Screens

Infills and Screens


Streamline X17 Filmfill

This cooling tower fill is made of PVC or ABS, cross fluted film type design X-17 for optimum heat transfer efficiency. The fill thickness is least 250 μm. The film is self-extinguishing for fire resistance and has a flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM E84-81a. It is also resistant to rot, decay and biological attack. The fill is able to withstand standard operating temperatures of 55º Celsius for PVC and 75ºC for ABS.

CentraFill 100/135

This cooling tower fill operates a combination of film and splash features for an optimal heat exchange. The profiles and the distance holders are in POM Nylon for long usage and cleaning replacement options, manufactured by the cooling tower manufacturer for single source and responsibility. The CentraFill is stack able and is assembled at the cooling tower site without any tooling or glue. CentraFill can handle clean and contaminated waters, such as effluent/influent streams, without clogging or heat transfer loss. Maximum operation temperature continuously is 80ºC.

Drift Eliminator


The CentraDeck drift eliminators are in PVC or ABS with a labyrinth design to avoid water droplets leaving the tower via the exhaust air stream. The efficiency of the drift eliminator is at least < 0.005% of the circulating water volume.


The cooling tower has an internal piping system in PVC / ABS or FRP with inlet flanges, which divides the water equally over the wet section. The fill will be watered by a sufficient number of StreamLine non clogging spray nozzles. The nozzles are manufactured by the cooling tower supplier for single source and responsibility.

Air Inlet

The air inlet louvers are of durable FRP, in sections and easily removable.