Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning-Brushing System

The cavemen started brushing their teeth regularly once they found out that “fresh” build-up is easy to remove. This as opposed to leaving it untouched and allow scaling. That’s exactly what the tubes of your heat exchanger or condenser need… Regular brushing to clean any build-up before scaling sets in.

Eqobrush- Automatic Tube Cleaning System accomplishes exactly that during normal operation of your system. You’re assured that those tubes are kept pristine as gun barrels! Without interruption of operations.

Automatic Tube Brushing
Manual cleaning: a nuisance from the past

Avoid fouling build-up

Avoid the formation of fouling and scaling by high frequency (6 times per day) automatic tube brushing of heat exchanger cleaning or condenser tubes.  Brushes that are inserted in the heat exchanger travel up and down the tube powered by the water flow via a flow reversing valve. The system removes any sedimentation before it hardens and keeps the tubes in top condition to achieve top performance at all times. No more interruptions of operations for mechanical or chemical cleaning.

Economical advantage to you, ecological benefit to entire society!

Save money

Fouling and scaling in cooling systems cause huge damages in capacity loss, energy consumption, maintenance, cleaning and not in the least: equipment life time. In industrialized society the damages from decreased heat exchanger efficiency add up to a stunning 0.25% of the GDP.

EQOBRUSH  allows substantial savings making a pay-back period on the investment of less than a year quite common.


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Applicable in Chillers and Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Benefit overview

  • Retrofit on existing systems
  • Control system down-time
  • Save water through cooling tower blow-down
  • Extend life-span of key equipment
  • Reduce use and discharge of chemicals
  • Increase capacity of your installation
  • Non-fouling design in new projects

Quickly and simply assess the payback period for additional investments in your operations, whether new or retrofitted

Fill in the details of your system. Depending on your location the calculation is made via the interactive form or it is handled by our team who will return the calculation within a working day.