WCN – Induced Draft Modular Counter Flow Cooling Towers

Counter Flow Cooling Towers

WCN Counter Flow Cooling Towers are the result of extensive research, development and testing. The high-performance, reliable and cost-effective components, designed at state of the art technology results in an excellent cooling tower line you can rely on.

WCN Cooling Towers are designed according international industrial standards with a lightweight and extremely rigid structure, fast and easy to install. Structural materials used are SST 304 and FRP pultrusions, with PVC or ABS fills and eliminators. The water is distributed through tangential non-clogging nozzles. WCN towers do meet a field performance test according CTI STD 105 or DIN 1947 field test protocol.

WCN Series Counter Flow Cooling Towers are specially designed for Air-Conditioning and Industrial applications.
We warrant the thermal performances and the maximum service life of our products.

WCN Cooling Towers

WCN Series Counter Flow Cooling Towers