Cooling Tower Structure

Cooling Tower Structures include the following items:

Stainless Steel Parts:
All steel parts are of Stainless Steel 304L

FRP Pultrusions
All structural FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester/plastic) parts
shall be in pultrutions and in combination with SST 304 fixtures
and boltry.

FRP Panels
The casing panels are manufactured in rigid FRP sectional panels
for long life and durability. The panels totally cover the infill
section. The casing will always protect the infill from direct
atmospheric contact. Our standard color is light grey/gray, equal
to RAL 7035, but can be changed upon request.

Fan Stack

Segmented FRP from 1.500 till 6.000 mm

Fan Deck

Pultruted FRP with anti-slip deck surface

Water Basin

FRP, moulded, segmented.


Non-Standard and can be manufactured in either SST 304 or FRP