CentraPack – An Efficient Cooling Tower Film Heat Exchange Medium For clean and treated Cooling Tower Water.

The CentraPack® consists of predetermined layers of vacuum formed corrugated sheets with a snap-on positioning system. Each sheet is in opposite mirror position to create a labyrinth function for the water and air contact.


  • The open structure of CentraPack® results in a low pressure drop and energy consumption.
  • The water drizzles down over the corrugations to create a long hold-up time in the infill.
  • At the same time, the uprising air stream becomes turbulent due to the same corrugation and intensifies the contact with the water to create a maximum evaporation.
  • Standard material is PVC or ABS or PP for special applications.
  • PVC and ABS is bonded with standard glue, while PP is bonded either by heat or ultrasonic spot points.

CentraPack drawing

  • Supply as preassembled blocks or CKD for assembly at the tower site to save transportation volume.
  • Block Sizes (SI-mm/IMP-foot-inch): 300x300x1200 / 1x1x4 – 300x300x1800 / 1x6x6 – 300x300x2400 / 1x1x8
  • Flute size is a half-hexagon 15/⅝ – Height: P2 = 600/2 – P3 = 900/3 – P4 = 1200/4 – P5 = 1500/5
  • Thermal Design on request.

CentraPack application