Our Team - Watco Group

Our Team

Hubert Poels

Managing Director

An engineer with commerce in the genes. As all @WATCO, dedicated to a better environment and happily playing a roll in the process. Looking forward to co-operating.

Henk Janssen

Chief Operating Officer

Henk is a seasoned engineer with decades of experience in Cooling Tower design and Engineering. Was around in the early WACON days when business in Europe took off with the AQUAVEN /AQUAFAN designs from Kidde in Germany.

Andreas Wagner

Business Development Manager

Andreas is a Marine Engineer by trade, with more than 30 years experience in a wide range of engineering sectors and management positions.
He has worked and lived in Asia for 25 years.

Michelle Wang

General manager Wacon-China

Daily management of the sourcing organization in Hong Kong and China. I love the international character of the job. Dealing with people from around the world is very rewarding and keeps me passionate about my work.

Anson Tse

Technical Sales Manager - China Market

What drives me:
Good at engineering, great at sales. 2 skills combined in my ideal job and meanwhile contribute to a better future for us and our children. China has long way to go on the road to better environment but with a growing conscience towards this matter. We are here to help!

Muhammad Ilhamsjah

Technical Sales Manager - Indonesia

What drives me?
The excitement of being part of a team dedicated to a better environment in a segment of industry that has been little or non-innovative for decades! Great challenges and opportunities in Indonesia.

Martin Brunt

Area Manager UK

Long history in the field of water treatment and cooling and energy saving, committed to making this a better place for all of us.

Rahmat Mulya


Been active in field job sites for years, my biggest passion. The challenge and satisfaction to see the project come to life over a couple of days is amazing. So is working with a new crew on almost every job.

Tina Wang

Supply Chain Manager

Well experienced in supply chain of international trading, a chain of inquiry–quotation–purchasing–production communication and supervision–logistics–documentation, runs a smooth supply chain and a tight ship just to make sure all components and items arrive at the right time and place with minimal wastage of resources.

Diederik S. Tapel


What he brings
Great inspiration and guidance on CSR related and ethical issues. Experienced with copyright issues and fraud related matters he gives direction in our strategic decisions.

Ken Wang

Jr. Project Engineer

What I like about this job
“I love it when a plan comes together” a wise man used to say. That’s what I do, make plans work. From the drawing board to the field and take care of all the minor details as those are just as crucial for performance of the project.

Evan Tsui

Jr. Project Engineer

My Input here
Putting all the disciplines from my studies to work in this small and flexible team. Mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, the whole works. I love it.

Jack Zeng

Procurement Manager

What I like about this job
The variety of contacts and relations. Getting the best out of our suppliers, connect with our engineers to get better products, better prices. Lots of innovative ideas let our suppliers benefit and make us more appreciated partner.

Ella Luo

Management Assistent

What I like about this job
Being in touch with the world for a better world. I enjoy this job, great team with great ideas. Inspiring!

Wang Dong

Facility Management and Security

My contributions
A flourishing team needs a top-notch environment. That applies to the testing and development areas, workshop, offices and vehicles. Wang Dong, the all-rounder that makes it all possible.