Hotel Energy Efficiency – Automatic Chiller Cleaning

The system’s operational principal is simple. A flow reversal valve is installed between the cooling tower and the chiller. Brushes with catch baskets are installed on each tube inside the chiller. By reversing the water flow over the chiller briefly at regular (4-hour) intervals, the brushes travel up and down through the tube, removing all sediments and sending them to the cooling tower.
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Prevent Heat Exchanger Fouling With Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems

Condenser and heat exchanger tubes need to regular brushing in order to clean and get rid of build-up before scaling sets in. Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System keeps heat exchanger and condenser tubes in pristine condition without any interruption of operations. The formation of fouling and scaling can be avoided with Eqobrush brushing system’s high-frequency automatic brushing of the heat exchanger’s or condenser’s tubes for up to 6 times per day. Powered by the water flow through a flow reversing valve, the brushes which are inserted in the heat exchanger travel up and down the tube resulting in any sedimentation removed by the brushing system before it hardens. Therefor, the tubes are kept in top condition to achieve utmost performance at all times. No more interruptions of operations for mechanical or chemical cleaning. Components of Eqobrush The automatic tube cleaning system is designed to fit any heat exchanger, its components are the following: Cleaning brushes Standard brushes are made from PE caps with stainless steel wires and nylon bristles for application in water with temperatures of up to 60 ᴼC. Standard sizes are from 10 to 24 mm tube diameter. Depending on the fouling level of the cooling tower water, these brushes will last 3 to 5 years until it needs to be replaced. Different materials are available for special applications as well. Catch baskets PE baskets can be removed easily from the socket when required during inspection or brush replacement and reusable as well. Locked in operation to secure all brushes at the tube ends. The catch baskets come in different sizes to meet all tube diameters standards. Control Box The IP55-control panel carries the components required for the automatic operation. Any cleaning cycle interval from 15 minutes and 24 hours can be set. Additional cleaning-cycles can be initiated through the manual switch. Switching positions are fixed before delivery. Actuator Compact multi-functional actuator comes with end position switches and torque control in IP55 housing. The manual emergency operation is possible as well. Reversal Valve The special reversing valves of Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System are designed in the nominal size of 80 mm to 600 mm for nominal flow rates from 50 m³/h to 3000 m³/h. Automatic Backwashing System Automatic backwashing systems reverse the flow and backwash of the heat exchanger tube-and-shell or plate-and-frame exchangers. Pre-filtration can only remove large particles, while fine articles like silt, sand, mud and other suspended solids enter the plate heat exchangers and gather between the plates, which results in plugging and encourages scaling and pitting. The reversal valve of the Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System can be easily installed on the supply and return pipes. Without any operation interruptions, it periodically reverse the flow through the exchanger for a short time. The flow then returns to its normal direction after a short while, which is less than a minute. Periodic backwashing by means of an automatic backwashing system removes accumulated solids and allows considerably longer intervals between interruptions of operation for cleaning.
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Eqobrush Automatic Chiller Condenser And Heat Exchanger Cleaning System: Save More, Perform More

Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System is automatic online chiller condenser and heat exchanger cleaning system. It is designed and engineered to provide a solution in the formation of fouling and scaling that usually occurs during the normal process of operation. The brushing system is pre-programmable so it cleans fouling from piping without interruption or shutting down the equipment. In addition, fouling and scaling from pipes are avoided due to the various heat exchanger cleanings per day as well as allowing a pay-back period of less than 6 months from energy savings and capacity gains. Installing this automatic tube brushing system is simple and easy as it is designed to be incorporated in the original plant installation or as a retrospective fit. This will result in significantly minimising the need for plant shut down, physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Aside from this, the heat exchanger cleaning system allows considerable savings on energy consumption and reduce water consumption. The Principles of Operation  The automatic valves of the Eqobrush Automatic Cleaning System reverses the water flow in the heat exchanger every few hours for 30 seconds. The nylon brushes which are housed in baskets connected to the tube ends, are then pushed through the pips eradicating any fouling or scaling. Pressure loss is avoided as once the reversion is done, the brushes are the positioned in the baskets. Benefits of Eqobrush  Eqobrush provides high cleaning to remove solid deposits often found in heat exchanger. The following benefits of using the automatic tube cleaning system compared to other well-known processes are as follows: Energy savings. Scale buildup can lead to an increase in power consumption for various fouling factors. Eqobrush heat exchange cleaning system allows substantial savings making a pay-back period on the investment of less than a year. Periodical maintenance of chillers is eliminated by the Eqobrush automatic tube brushing system which reduces costs of labor, chemicals and cleaning equipment as well as the exposure of people to harsh chemicals. Reduced water consumption. Because Eqobrush lets a higher level of salt concentration in the cooling water, blow-down volumes and suppletion water volumes are reduced resulting in savings in water and waste water costs. Optimal cooling performance guarantees equipment can run in top capacity. This brushing system is a simpler system at a lower investment. System maintenance and replacement cost are lower as well. All pipes remains clean. All pipes get brushed on every cycle with Eqobrush.  Other processes such as physical cleaning, plant is required to be shut down and there’s a need to hire a specialist contractor not to mention the risk of tube damage. On the other hand using chemical treatment, will be more costly and can only provide a temporary solution which needs repetition of the process at regular intervals. Another alternative is the Sponge Ball System, but the biggest downfall of this heat exchanger cleaning system is that it tends to accumulate dirt and equalize this throughout the surface. Eqobrush automatic tube cleaning system is the best choice, not...
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Quick Quotation with ROI Calculator for EQOBRUSH applications

With a typical energy saving of 10% on chiller electricity consumption, Eqobrush is an obvious choice in the process to reduce the ecological footprint and become green. More interestingly, the typical payback time is less than a year.
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Reduce total fouling related cost with Eqobrush in processing industry

EQOBRUSH in the Chemical- and Petrochemical Industries.   EQOBRUSH impact on Total Fouling Related Cost For over 50 years Automatic Brush Cleaning systems are popular in process heat exchangers as a tool to keep the tube walls in top-condition. Any normal heat exchanger will foul during operation. Fouling reduces efficiency and calls for cleaning sessions with interruption of operations. Between sessions the heat-exchange efficiency is progressively reduced up to the level where the heat exchanger becomes bottle-neck for production capacity of the operation. Unexpected shut down due to uncontrolled fouling is a substantial threat to the process industry with high expenses involved. Total Fouling Related Cost (TFRC) in processing industry is difficult to assess. Literature reports the TFRC at 8% of the total maintenance budgets and in addition up to 5% of energy consumed is used to overcome fouling.
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Electricity savings in Eqobrush equipped Chillers

Often we are asked to demonstrate the electricity savings potential of our Eqobrush system in chiller systems. In this article we give an insight in how the potential gains from an automatic tube cleaning system can be easily assessed.
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Universities suggest automatic tube cleaning for environment

Universities of Birmingham and Cadiz conducted research into relation between CO2 emissions and biofilm in condenser tubes and recommend automatic cleaning with tube inserts as an effective method to contribute to a better environment.
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Automatic Tube Cleaning Brushing For U-Tube Heat Exchangers

Automatic Tube Cleaning for U-Tube heat exchangers is now possible with the special design flexible scrubbers from Eqobrush. U-Tube heat exchangers are commonly used in the chemical industry where the need exists to have regular cleaning of the outside of the tube bundle. The U-Tube bundle can be easily removed from the cylinder for cleaning. The inside of the tubes however remains a difficult issue. Available options for cleaning are all sub-optimal simply because the curve in the tube.
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Strategic Cooperation Watco-Haomi on Chinese Petrochemical Industry.

Watco Group and Haomi Shanghai agreed on exclusive cooperation for brush cleaning systems in the Chinese Petrochemical industry. Haomi is a young energetic company with a strong network in the industry in China and Vietnam.
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