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Eqobrush System Components


Cleaning Brushes

Standard brushes are made from PE caps with Stainless Steel wires and nylon bristles for application in water with temperatures up to 60 ᴼC.


Standard sizes range from 10-24 mm tube diameter.
Depending on the fouling level of the cooling tower water these brushes will last 3-5 years until replacement.
Different materials are available for special applications.

The cleaning function within circular tubes requires a water flow velocity of a minimum of 0.6 m/s at a pressure drop of 0.06 bar. For elliptic tubes, the velocity should exceed 1.0 m/s.


Catch Baskets

PE baskets are easily removable (and re-usable) from the socket when necessary during inspection or brush replacement.


Locked in operation to secure all brushes at the tube ends. The catch baskets come in different sizes to meet all tube diameters standards.
The connection to the tube is made by cementing or shrinking to the tube ends (depending on tube design).


Reversal Valve

The special reversing valves are designed in the nominal size from 80 mm to 600 mm for nominal flow rates from 50 m³/h to 3000 m³/h.


The most important parameters for the valve are:
– Security of long-term operation
– Pressure drop
– Low leakage or Cross-over rate of cold water into the hot water stream

The standard operational pressure is 6 bar and a cooling water temperature with a maximum of 50°C. In accordance with the actual operating conditions and water quality, the units will be manufactured from construction steel inclusive coating (standard design) or from stainless steel.
Materials and valve designs for different piping layouts are variable.


Control Box

The IP55-control panel carries the components required for the automatic operation.


Any cleaning cycle interval from 15 minutes to 24 hours can be set. Switching positions are fixed before delivery.
Additional cleaning-cycles can be initiated via the manual switch.
A built-in counting device registers all cycles completed.

The EQOBRUSH system operates completely independently and does not interfere with other processes. The switchboard therefore does not need to be connected to the overall process control system.


Compact multi-functional actuator with end position switches and torque control in IP55 housing. Manual emergency operation possible.


A combined rotating drive system with worm gear unit. The electric motor drives the shaft of the valve via the worm gear.

Pneumatic actuators or Electric actuators with fail-safe spring return are optional.



For systems with multiple heat exchangers or chillers we can offer additional options in terms of control and monitoring. 


– Interface for communication with Building or Process Management System
– Remote monitoring of cleaning cycles and chiller energy consumption