Quick Quotation with ROI Calculator for EQOBRUSH applications

With a typical energy saving of 10% on chiller electricity consumption, Eqobrush is an obvious choice in the process to reduce the ecological footprint and become green. More interestingly, the typical payback time is less than a year.
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How to Clean Heat Exchanger Tubes

This article introduces two main ways of how your heat exchanger tubes can be cleaned. Heat exchanger cleaning is essential to keep your processing equipment at the required temperature and working efficiently. Heat exchanger fouling is caused by fouling and scaling that settles in the tubes and algae that inevitably grows as a slimy substance...
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M-Box for WATCO development of water-cooled chiller integrated monitoring system

WATCO Group is a supplier of water cooling systems in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, specializing in energy efficient cooling towers and water-cooled chillers. In order to be able to provide proof on the pudding, the group decided to provide a comprehensive monitoring system to monitor water temperature, fan speed, clean cycle count and...
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Automatic Tube Cleaning Brushing For U-Tube Heat Exchangers

Automatic Tube Cleaning for U-Tube heat exchangers is now possible with the special design flexible scrubbers from Eqobrush. U-Tube heat exchangers are commonly used in the chemical industry where the need exists to have regular cleaning of the outside of the tube bundle. The U-Tube bundle can be easily removed from the cylinder for cleaning....
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AQUAFAN+ Hybrid Cooling Tower: High performance at lowest Operational Cost

AQUAFAN towers that combine turbine technology with electric fan-motors allow maximum energy saving at high performance jobs. Details in the downloadable Power Point Show (8 MB)
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Strategic Cooperation Watco-Haomi on Chinese Petrochemical Industry.

Watco Group and Haomi Shanghai agreed on exclusive cooperation for brush cleaning systems in the Chinese Petrochemical industry. Haomi is a young energetic company with a strong network in the industry in China and Vietnam.
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Overwhelming feedback to EQOBRUSH at Achem Beijing (May 2016)

WATCO participated in ACHEM-Asia, early May in Beijing to introduce Eqobrush to the Chinese market by demonstrating Eqobrush in operation via a transparent demo-model heat exchanger A true eye-opener for many visitors that were not familiar with brushing systems…
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Updated Engineering Guide for cooling tower projects

Updated Engineering Guide for cooling tower projects Now downloadable from our website, the new Wacon Engineering guide. Get familar with the concepts along which we engineer our projects. The guide was composed by our Technical Director Henk Janssen and edited by freelance engineering copywriter Wayne McLaughlin and provides a unique insight in the thoughts behind the...
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