The Flow Reversal Valve: a Key Component of EQOBRUSH System

Backflushing is advantageous for heat exchangers as it dislodges accumulated debris, fouling, and scaling from the tubes, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency. This process helps maintain equipment performance, extends operational lifespan, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures consistent and reliable heat exchange capabilities.

Eqobrush automatic brush tube cleaning system prevents fouling or scaling in the tubes of heat exchangers, chiller condensers or steam condensers by brushing the cooling water tubes inner walls regularly without interrupting operations. Small brushes travel through the tubes propelled by the water flow that is reversed for a short time at set intervals by the Flow Reversal Valve. 

Eqobrush System Components
Unique design comes from decades experience with the technology and addresses problems that occur with common Flow Reversal Valves

EQOBRUSH patented Swing-Box type Flow Reversal Valve

Eqobrush reversal valve patent certificate

Eqobrush designed the Swing Box. This unique Flow Reversal Valve approach, shaped by decades of experience, tackles common issues. It offers enhanced reliability and efficiency compared to standard valves, drawing on refined engineering principles and practical insights. Its innovation aims to optimize performance and address challenges in flow control mechanisms.

What is a Flow Reversal Valve

The Flow Reversal Valve facilitates flow direction changes within heat exchanger and chiller condenser tubes while preserving flow direction to the cooling tower. This enables brushes within the unit to traverse the tubes, removing newly settled fouling and scaling. Typically, flow reversal occurs approximately 6 times daily, each instance lasting less than one minute without affecting normal operation. Activation can be manual or automatic based on programmed schedules tailored to operational needs. This periodic reversal ensures efficient heat exchange and optimal system performance by preventing buildup and maintaining tube cleanliness throughout regular chiller operations.

Swing-Box operation in the Eqobrush patented Flow Reversal Valve

Requirements for the System

Our patented Flow Reversal Valve can be used in any system that meets the below requirements:

Size of the Tubes

Nominal size of the tube (from 80 mm to 600 mm) [KV80 – KV600 types of Valves]

Flow Rates

Nominal flow rates (from 50 m³/h to 3000 m³/h)

For larger nominal sizes or flow rates, the flow direction will be reversed using Butterfly Valves.

Pressure Level

The standard units of Swing-Box type Flow Reversal Valves are designed for operation pressures of 10-25 bar [PN10-PN25 types of Valves]

Cooling Water Temperature

The Flow Reversal Valves operate in a temperature range up to 70C.

In accordance with the actual operation conditions and water quality, the units will be manufactured of:
– construction steel inclusive coating (standard design)
– stainless steel

heat exchanger cleaning
EQOBRUSH Flow Reversal Valve principle

Advantages of the Swingbox Flow Reversal Valve

The swing box is a solution to many problems and is successfully applied in most Eqobrush Flow Reversal Valves
  • Flow openings in the reversal valve are never smaller than the pipe flow surface
  • There are no loops in the water flow. This addresses the issue of pressure loss
  • As the swing-box does not need any clearance to complete its runway there is minimal Cross Over of cool water into the return pipe.
  • The clearance is not needed as all contact surface is in the same horizontal pane that are guarded by Teflon rings
EqoBrush Automatic Tube Cleaning Brushing System For Heat Exchanger

Eqobrush Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System

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Automatic On-line Brush Tube Cleaning Systems for Heat Exchangers and Chiller Condensers have proven their effectiveness on efficiency and energy saving in industry and comfort cooling (HVAC). 
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