Cooling Tower Gear Drive Monitor

The Gear Drive is an essential component of the Cooling Tower. Gearbox failure has serious consequences on performance, safety and the operational budget. 

The GearGuard is a combined gear-drive monitor: vibration, oil level and oil temperature. It monitors the critical performance parameters in the gear drive and issues alarms or interrupts power to the cooling tower electromotor when critical thresholds are reached. 


The gear drive, connected to the fan assembly, serves as the mechanical heart of the cooling tower and is responsible for driving the fans that facilitate heat exchange and the cooling process. Gear drive failure means an immediate shutdown of the cooling tower and potential shutdown or overheating of the equipment that the cooling tower services.  

three-parameter safety Cooling Tower Gear Drive Monitoring System

GEARGUARD directly monitors the lubricating oil temperature, lubricating oil level and fan vibration transmission to the gear drive and analyzes and displays the working condition of the gear drive. It can connect to control systems such as MES, BMS, or the cooling tower fan motor, instantly interrupting power in case of alarm threshold breaches.
The device is fully digital, stable, accurate, simple in set-up and maintenance-free operation.

Main Functions

  • Long-term online gear drive monitoring.
  • Three 4-digit LED digital display, each with an ON/OFF and 4 ~ 20mA current analogue output.
  • Communication is possible with CPU, I/O interface, EPROM, ModBus etc.
  • Three independent programmable alarm values, alarm mode and alarm delay.
Cooling Tower Gear Drive Monitoring

Operational Excellence through Predictive Maintenance

GEARGUARD enables maintenance teams to identify and rectify problems before they escalate to avoid downtime, costly repairs, and the risk of catastrophic gear failures that can cause extensive system outages.

Equipment Longevity through Cooling Tower Gear Drive Monitoring

Cooling towers are significant investments, and their reliability is essential for the longevity of the entire cooling system. By monitoring the gear drive, you can extend the life of the cooling tower and associated equipment, protecting your capital investment.

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