eqobrush Unlocks Peak Performance: Automatic Tube Cleaning System for Chiller Condensers & Heat Exchangers

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Our on-line automatic tube cleaning system guarantees optimal performance at all times by preventing fouling or scaling in the tubes of heat exchangers, chiller condensers or steam condensers through the use of nylon brushes that clean the condenser tubes at regular intervals without interrupting operations. With Eqobrush you will realize substantial savings in energy cost and increase system capacity.

condenser tube fouling impacts your chiller's operational efficiency

Condenser fouling has a serious impact on chiller efficiency, reducing performance and increasing energy use. As impurities build, heat transfer is hampered, reducing efficiency and increasing operating expenses. This strains cooling systems, increasing energy consumption and environmental effects.

Fouling control is critical for ensuring long-term and cost-effective operations. Implementing automatic tube cleaning systems helps to reduce fouling, improve chiller efficiency, and reduce energy waste. Prioritizing this project not only protects budgets but also demonstrates environmental responsibility, through the reduction of carbon emissions. Combating condenser fouling demonstrates a dedication to efficiency, monetary restraint, and environmental responsibility that is required of ethical organizations.

A fouling layer of 0.3 mm results in a staggering 10% reduction in Chiller COP efficiency.

According to James Piper in his industry-leading handbook:  Operations and Maintenance Manual for Energy Management

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Condenser tube fouling


Eqobrush: A Leader in Energy Saving

The Eqobrush tube cleaning system has earned the highest accreditation from the Singapore Green Building Council—4 tick marks—signifying its status as a global leader in energy-saving strategies for chiller operations, seamlessly aligning with your carbon footprint reduction efforts.


Fouling and scaling in cooling systems cause huge damages in capacity-loss, energy consumption, maintenance, cleaning and, last but not least, equipment lifetime.

EQOBRUSH auto tube cleaning system allows substantial savings, making a pay-back period of less than a year on the investment quite common. It increases capacity in retrofitted existing systems and allows a no-fouling approach for new heat exchanger designs.

Save Money

Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee and take responsibility for the system’s performance, demonstrated through a stable approach temperature in the heat exchanger or condensers. Remote monitoring services are optional to monitor cleaning cycles and approach. 

Eqobrush Team of Experts

“With over 35 years of expertise, Eqobrush, led by seasoned specialists, pioneers energy-efficient solutions with patented automatic tube cleaning technology applied across continents and industries. Their innovations have helped avoid thousands of tons of CO2 output and saved millions of dollars in electricity costs.”

High Qualification


Easy installation on new or existing systems

Eqobrush tube  cleaning systems for chiller condensers and heat exchangers can be delivered worldwide and can be easily installed by local contractors and partners in new projects or for retrofitting existing installations. Where necessary, we fly in our own installation supervisors to ensure smooth operations.  

EqoBrush Automatic Tube Cleaning Brushing System For Heat Exchanger

Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System

WATCO Group PTE ltd.

“Discover the transformative impact of Automatic On-line Tube Cleaning Systems for Heat Exchangers and Chiller Condensers in both industrial and comfort cooling (HVAC) applications. These systems have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in enhancing efficiency and conserving energy. Uncover the multitude of benefits and advantages of Automatic Tube Cleaning with the Eqobrush Tube Brushing Technology, ensuring a high ROI and retrofittable to existing installations. Contact us today.”