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High Cooling Tower Water Temperature Range handled with thermal balancing basin.

Thermal Balancing Basin As an Effective Solution for Handling High Cooling Tower Water Temperature Range

Wacon’s thermal balancing basin concept has a proven track record in Europe and Asia and optimizes the operation for both footprint and Capex. Most recently it is applied in combination with the Aquafan cooling tower for further energy savings in operational cost.
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AQUAFAN+ Hybrid Cooling Tower: High performance at lowest Operational Cost

AQUAFAN towers that combine turbine technology with electric fan-motors allow maximum energy saving at high performance jobs. Details in the downloadable Power Point Show (8 MB)
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Updated Engineering Guide for cooling tower projects

Updated Engineering Guide for cooling tower projects Now downloadable from our website, the new Wacon Engineering guide. Get familar with the concepts along which we engineer our projects. The guide was composed by our Technical Director Henk Janssen and edited by freelance engineering copywriter Wayne McLaughlin and provides a unique insight in the thoughts behind the construction of the cooling towers. What options are available in our selections (shape, working methods, materials) and what drives the engineer’s decision?
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