Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System

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Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System are significant. EQOBRUSH on-line brush cleaning system is an effective solution to prevent fouling and scaling in shell and tube heat exchangers and condensers . It is recognized as a high standard eco-friendly system, based on a simple and durable principle of operation. The systems realize substantial savings both financially and in carbon footprint. Take a look at the benefits of EQOBRUSH below.

Effectively prevent from Fouling and Scaling

Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System

reduce overall fouling related cost

Fouling costs include cost borne from energy inefficiency, loss of production capacity and the cost related to the cleaning interruptions. The total fouling costs will be minimized when Eqobrush is applied as fouling does not get a chance to affect the tubes in the equipment.

Minimizes Downtimes of the operations

Eliminate scheduled downtime for tube cleaning with the automatic and online cleaning system. As tube corrosion does not get a chance, also unscheduled downtime for repair or blocking leaking tubes will be a problem of the past.

No mechanical or chemical cleaning is needed

The unpleasant and environmental unfriendly cleanings are no longer necessary and translate in savings of time and money in labor or chemicals cost and fees for the discharge of cleaning chemicals.

Regular cleaning of every tube in the HE or Condenser

In contrary to the alternative ball cleaning system, Eqobrush cleans ALL the tubes on each and every cleaning cycle. Also, there is no loss of effectivity over time as the brushes have a retention rate of 100%.
Read an extensive comparison of brush vs ball cleaning in the following article.

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Save Money

Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System

Extend the lifetime of the equipment

No more premature equipment replacement due to heat transfer efficiency loss caused by leaking tubes (from corrosion) that have been blocked.
Chiller compressors lifespan is extended as the compressor is running at a lower overall capacity level.

Save on Chemicals and Manual cleaning

The unpleasant and environmental unfriendly cleanings are no longer necessary and translate in savings of time and money in labor or chemicals cost and fees for the discharge of cleaning chemicals.

Reduce Electric Energy Consumption

Better heat transfer leads to a lower approach which can save up to 30% in energy efficiency. In building operations, this translates into double-digit savings on the total electricity bill! The savings on electricity allow translate into a typical payback time of less than a year on your Eqobrush investment and the accumulated savings over the lifespan of the chiller exceed the replacement value of your chiller by far.

Reduce fossil energy consumption in Surface Condensers

Lower condensate temperature in power plants generates a higher steam vacuum which in turn increases capacity and fossil fuel efficiency. Read more about this in the following article.

Surface Condenser and Its Function in Thermal Power Plant

Reduce energy consumption in system pumps

A 10% reduction in flow surface (caused by 1mm scaling layer in a 25 mm tube) will increase pressure drop which in turn requires 30% more pump energy (cubic law) to overcome. Alternatively, this means a lower flow rate which adds to the speed of heat transfer and overall system performance.

Reduce CapEx for new projects

The fouling factor that is commonly considered in system design (between 25-100% of added heat exchange surface) can be omitted since the fouling will no longer occur. Smaller units mean less CAPEX.

Eco Friendly System

Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System

No Chemicals are used

The discard of chemicals is a burden for the environment that should be minimized. Eqobrush makes further chemical cleanings obsolete, which means no more waste chemicals.

Save water in cooling towers

The scaling will no longer affect the tubes which means that the cycle of concentration (of minerals) in the cooling water can be increased and cooling tower blowdown may be reduced by approximately 25%.

Green Building Product Certificate

Eqobrush tube cleaning system is recognized as an environmentally friendly technology by amongst others the Singapore Green Building Council who awarded it with its highest possible accreditation. This qualifies Eqobrush as a world-class leader in the field of energy-saving on chillers. Read more about the award.

EQOBRUSH now a Singapore Green Building Product

Simplicity and Durability

All Ingenious is Simple

Automatic and Regular

Once EQOBRUSH system is installed and running smoothly every 4 hours there will be an automatic cleaning cycle. It doesn’t require any maintenance other than an annual routine inspection. Brushes have a 100% retention rate and a lifespan of 3-5 years.

Simple principle of operation

Reverse the water flow to the condenser via the patented reversal valve and propel the brushes up and down the tubes using the power of the water. The electric actuator runs but a few hours (accumulated) per year and does not wear and tear. The energy uptake of the Eqobrush system is just a few dozens of kWh annually.

No Damage to the Tubes

The nylon brushes that go through the tube powered by the water flow are absolutely harmless to the tubes of the heat exchanger or condenser. Tough enough to remove the fouling and scaling (before crystallization sets in) but gentle enough to leave the (copper) tubes intact. Compare it to the effect of the toothbrush on the enamel of your teeth.

Durable in use

The robustly constructed valve will outlive your chiller or condenser and depending on the fouling level of the cooling tower water the brushes will last 3-5 years until replacement.
We give a full 2-year warranty on all our components.

EqoBrush Automatic Tube Cleaning Brushing System For Heat Exchanger

Eqobrush Brush Tube Cleaning System

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Advantages of Brush Tube Cleaning System listed above make it obvious why EQOBRUSH has proven its effectiveness on efficiency and energy saving in industry and comfort cooling (HVAC).