Quick Quotation with ROI Calculator for EQOBRUSH applications

Energy Saving on Chiller Electricity Consumption

Big results through small efforts

Chiller compressors are most probably the machines with the highest power consumption in any commercial or residential building (with central HVAC system). This makes your chillers the proverbial low-hanging fruit in energy saving: big results through small efforts.

Invest in a better environment with an ROI > 100%

Energy Saving
Green Environment
Payback Period
Less than a year

With a typical energy saving of 10% on chiller electricity consumption, Eqobrush is an obvious choice in the process to reduce the ecological footprint and become green. More interestingly, the typical payback time is less than a year. Who isn’t interested in investing in a better environment with an ROI > 100%?

Quickly and simply assess the payback period for additional investments in your operations, whether new or retrofitted

Fill in the details of your system. Depending on your location the calculation is made via the interactive form or it is handled by our team who will return the calculation within a working day.