Hotel Energy Efficiency – Automatic Chiller Cleaning

Hotelier: meet your single biggest energy consumer and discover how to save on its cost

Hotel Energy Saving Improvement via Eqobrush

Ever wonder what those noisy big boys (usually) found in the basement are for? I mean, the ones that can run up to 70% of your hotel’s energy bill…
These are your chillers and they generate cold water (4-7C) that is circulated to you guest and function rooms where it is used to cool down the spaces to the required comfort temperature

Your buildings cooling system is built from the same components as any refrigerant. The refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator and absorbs heat,  condensates in the condenser and releases heat. The condenser needs to be cooled, which is probably with water that circulates over a cooling tower. 

Pollution and mineral deposits from the cooling tower water slowly impact performance and energy efficiency of the condenser with more running hours from the compressor to compensate.  An increase or waste of 20-40%  electricity per cooling unit (refrigeration ton) is an easy reach.

Eventually, the progressing buildup of scaling and fouling cause unacceptably low performance.  The cooling system fails and guests complain. 

Your engineer avoids this via regular cleaning servicing during which the contractor opens up the condenser and removes the deposits via a mechanical or chemical process. 

structure of cooled air-conditioning system

Vast amounts of energy are wasted between cleaning interruptions because of the compressor’s activity. An on-line cleaning system can easily stop this energy waste as it will keep the condenser tubes clean during operation and. It keeps the energy consumption per cooling unit (RT) at the lowest possible rate, 365 days per year.

Line graph compares energy savings using Eqobrush and manual cleaning

The system operates via a simple principle. We install a flow reversal valve between the cooling tower and the chiller. Brushes and catch baskets are fixed on each chiller tube. Regularly (6 times daily) the valve reverses the flow over the condenser and brushes are propelled up and down removing all undesired materials from the tubes and sending them to the cooling tower.

Line Graph shows savings per year for condenser with Eqobrush

With an energy saving of about 15% on the compressor’s electricity consumption, it is relatively simple to calculate the annual savings in money terms. The payback period for the EQOBRUSH (that can be retrofitted to any system) is less than 12 months in most cases. This investment fits into any cost and energy saving program. It also extends the lifespan of your equipment through less running hours of the compressor and no corrosion on the tubes. The total energy savings over a functional lifespan of the chiller (10 years) will equal the investment required for your next chiller. 

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