Eqobrush Automatic Chiller Condenser And Heat Exchanger Cleaning System: Save More, Perform More

Eqobrush Automatic Tube Cleaning System is automatic online chiller condenser and heat exchanger cleaning system. It is designed and engineered to provide a solution in the formation of fouling and scaling that usually occurs during the normal process of operation. The brushing system is pre-programmable so it cleans fouling from piping without interruption or shutting down the equipment. In addition, fouling and scaling from pipes are avoided due to the various heat exchanger cleanings per day as well as allowing a pay-back period of less than 6 months from energy savings and capacity gains.

Installing this automatic tube brushing system is simple and easy as it is designed to be incorporated in the original plant installation or as a retrospective fit. This will result in significantly minimising the need for plant shut down, physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Aside from this, the heat exchanger cleaning system allows considerable savings on energy consumption and reduce water consumption.

The Principles of Operation

 The automatic valves of the Eqobrush Automatic Cleaning System reverses the water flow in the heat exchanger every few hours for 30 seconds. The nylon brushes which are housed in baskets connected to the tube ends, are then pushed through the pips eradicating any fouling or scaling. Pressure loss is avoided as once the reversion is done, the brushes are the positioned in the baskets.

Benefits of Eqobrush

 Eqobrush provides high cleaning to remove solid deposits often found in heat exchanger. The following benefits of using the automatic tube cleaning system compared to other well-known processes are as follows:

    • Energy savings. Scale buildup can lead to an increase in power consumption for various fouling factors. Eqobrush heat exchange cleaning system allows substantial savings making a pay-back period on the investment of less than a year.
    • Periodical maintenance of chillers is eliminated by the Eqobrush automatic tube brushing system which reduces costs of labor, chemicals and cleaning equipment as well as the exposure of people to harsh chemicals.
    • Reduced water consumption. Because Eqobrush lets a higher level of salt concentration in the cooling water, blow-down volumes and suppletion water volumes are reduced resulting in savings in water and waste water costs.
    • Optimal cooling performance guarantees equipment can run in top capacity.
    • This brushing system is a simpler system at a lower investment. System maintenance and replacement cost are lower as well.
  • All pipes remains clean. All pipes get brushed on every cycle with Eqobrush.

 Other processes such as physical cleaning, plant is required to be shut down and there’s a need to hire a specialist contractor not to mention the risk of tube damage. On the other hand using chemical treatment, will be more costly and can only provide a temporary solution which needs repetition of the process at regular intervals. Another alternative is the Sponge Ball System, but the biggest downfall of this heat exchanger cleaning system is that it tends to accumulate dirt and equalize this throughout the surface. Eqobrush automatic tube cleaning system is the best choice, not only will you save more but your equipment will perform more.