It is common knowledge that there is a regular and revolving need for heat exchanger cleaning. This is because of the fouling that occurs in the system. The tubes get clogged up over time and this impacts the performance substantially.


Common problems are caused by:

  • Algae: Growth of these micro-organisms cannot be avoided even by chlorines and biocides. Forms a slimy layer.
  • Scaling: Calcium & Magnesium deposits form a soft layer that later crystalizes into solid.

The fouling and scaling that has built up in the system can only be removed during turn-around standstill for general maintenance. Often the turn-around moments are scheduled around the need to clean heat exchangers. Productivity can be increased by limiting the down-time periods and prolong the periods between scheduled down-time. Keeping heat exchanger tubes clean during operation can help in this process.

Avoiding Fouling Buildup effectively
Chemical and manual cleaning is usually the most known way of removing the fouling. This takes care of the issue, for the time being. However, after the clean is done, the buildup starts accumulating again. To avoid this problem, an automatic brush cleaning system can maintain the tubes in pristine condition while in operation.

Eqobrush is designed specifically to address this issue by cleaning tube brushes in the heat exchanger or condenser. The brushes travel through the pipes every few hours powered by the water flow via a smartly engineered reversing valve. The cleanness of the pipes allows maximum heat exchange performance and lets your cooling unit run full time with the highest possible efficiency.

Economic impact of Eqobrush
Regular cleaning, system damage and efficiency loss due to fouling is a real impact on the budget. Having an intelligently designed system for foul avoidance then becomes a matter of importance.

With an expected investment return period of around a year, the Eqobrush heat exchanger cleaning system is the intelligent choice for its cost saving capabilities.

The reduction of the need for maintenance and eco-friendly attributes of the Eqobrush technology makes it an obvious choice for efficiency and saving.