Heat exchanger tube cleaning

As a vital part of the cooling system cleanliness of the heat exchanger tubes contribute to a great extend to the overall efficiency of the cooling system.


Water in an open cooling system can cause problems do to mineral deposits (concentration via evaporation), algae growth (availability of oxygen) and sedimentation of dust and debri ending up in the water stream via the cooling tower. Even the most stringent water management system cannot prevent from this affecting the cleanliness of the tubes and hence reducing the performance.


Cleaning the heat exchanger tubes

To avoid fouling, constant cleaning is required. The maintenance frequency and cost can be drastically reduced if an automatic heat exchanger cleaning system is implemented.


The Eqobrush technology is designed to prolong the peak lifetime of the cooling system, by making sure that the pipes are being cleaned automatically at short and regular intervals.


The secret lies in the clever usage of water flow. Tube brushes are inserted in small catch baskets connected to the heat exchanger tubes. A smartly designed reversing valve reverses the water flow over the heat exchanger every few hours for a short time (15-30 seconds) during which the brushes shoot up and down each and every tube of the heat exchanger. With Eqobrush on-line and running the system is being cleaned regularly and fouling and scaling is avoided.


Cost effective and eco friendly

With a payback period average of a year, the Eqobrush system not only takes care of your efficiency, but also reduces the constant need for maintenance cleaning. This also means that the system can spend more time online.


This simple solution for keeping the heat exchanger tubes clean means that we can reduce chemical use as with the regular cleaning option, and our ecological impact is reduced as well.