Cooling Tower Systems

High Performing Industrial Water Cooling Technology

Wacon prides itself for having 30 years of experience in cooling tower engineering. Since 1984, they have specialized in providing solutions for industrial cooling towers. The company’s product range can cater any projects in various levels of complexity. Their field of specialisation is in modular mechanical draft cooling towers using fiberglass reinforced plastics or FRP structures. Their offerings of industrial cooling tower products which are used in a wide array of applications from heavy industry to clean room air conditioning are designed specifically for waste water projects and energy recovery.  Their cooling tower systems are delivered in the knockdown state to ensure an easy on-site assembly by local contractors under their supervision. Industrial Cooling Tower Systems All the industrial water cooling tower systems of Wacon are the result of extensive research, development, and testing. They are all designed with the state of the art technology and come with high-performing, steadfast and cost-effective components. This result in an exceptional line of cooling tower systems you can depend on. WCN – Induced Draft Modular Counter Flow Cooling Towers The WCN Cooling Towers are lightweight but tremendously rigid and are designed in accordance with the international industrial standards. The WCN Cooling Towers uses structural materials such as SST 304 and FRP pultrusions with PVC or ABS fills and eliminators, which makes installation of the struct us simple, fast and easy. It also passes a field performance test in accordance with the CTI STD 105 or DIN 1947 field test protocol. WRT Cross Flow Cooling Towers The WRT Cooling Towers are designed in accordance with international industrial standards. They are also lightweight and highly rigid structures. It is created with structural materials such as SST 304 and FRP pultrusions, with PVC or ABS fills and eliminators. The infill of this cooling tower system has a distinctive pattern which lets a longer hold-up time in the tower; therefore there will be a longer contact period for heat exchange with the air. The WRT towers passed a field performance test in accordance with the CTI STD 105 or DIN 1947 field test protocol and are simple to install and easy maintain. CentraDeck – A revolutionary Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator with great efficiency The CentraDeck is a cooling tower drift eliminator made from PVC, PP or ABS thermoformed film and can be used for several operational applications. It is designed with a triple angle labyrinth thus efficiently stripping the wet air-stream from water in droplet from. The CentraDeck cooling tower is supplied either as block-assembled or in single sheets for site assembly and saving transportation volume. Centrafill – A revolutionary Cooling Tower Fill Splash & Film Heat Exchange Medium with great efficiency The CentraFill cooling tower fill is made up of predetermined layers of triangle corrugated profiles. The triangle bars come in cross section towards each other in the tower structure. Because of how the corrugated profiles are positioned, the air is powerfully turbulated in the infill structure. In addition, since the structure of Centrafill cooling tower...
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