K+S KALI GmbH Unterbreizbach, Thuringia – Process cooling for a potash and salt mine

kali-salz kali_salz

K+S KALI GmbH, previously known as Kali & Salz GmbH, needed a cooling solution for brine from their salt mine. Corrosion and crystallization were the major challenges.


The towers cool a 250 m3/h (1100 gpm) brine solution coming with 50+ Celsius (125+ Fahrenheit) from an underground mining level on 1100 meter (3600 feet) deep.


Scope of supply 4 sets TVRS 4/122 special designed cooling towers.

Every 4-6 hours the towers are automatically flushed with hot water to remove the salt crystallization on the infill surface.


Special non clogging CentraFill packing media is used to use max cooling efficiency with this liquid.
4 high efficient FRP centrifugal fans in corrosion free constructions are used to function in a highly corrosive environment.


The towers are super silent due to external damping measures.