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Daikin rotated valve

Flow Reversal Valves


The most important component of the automatic brush cleaning system is the special reversing valve, designed in the nominal size from 80 mm to 600 mm for nominal flow rates from 50 m³/h to 3000 m³/h.

For larger nominal sizes or flow rates, the flow direction will be reversed by butterfly valves. This method is applied in the power industry for many years.

Most important parameters for the valve are:

  • Security of long term operation
  • Pressure drop
  • Low leakage rate of the reversing armature

The standard units are designed for operation pressures of 10 bar and a cooling water temperature in maximum of 50°C. In accordance with the actual operation conditions and water quality the units will be manufactured of construction steel inclusive coating (standard design) or of stainless steel.

Different valve designs for different flow direction and the piping lay-outs are variable. According to your specific situation we will make the most suitable selection.