Modular System

Modular Cooling Tower System

The AQUAFAN cooling tower is made flexible in capacity and construction by a applying a modular cooling tower system. Extension of existing cooling towers is possible by simply adding modules.

The AQUAFAN B6A cooling tower is designed for an axial fan with a diameter of 1.8 m. This diameter is standard for each module. The basic module size can vary from 2.4*2.4 (8’ x 8’) to 3.6*3.6 (12’x12’) m. Configurations like B6A8, B6A10 or B6A12 are possible.

AQUAFAN cooling towers can, therefore, be installed for every required cooling capacity. Depending on this capacity, the floor surface or footprint varies from 5,76 m2 (64 sqft) to a few hundred (> 10000 sqft) m2.

The capacity/surface ratio in AQUAFAN is comparable to conventional cooling towers.

The AQUAFAN cooling tower illustrated opposite in a 3 x 2 set up, is designed in pre-fabricated modular cooling tower construction. The total surface for these six modules in a B6A10 configuration is 6.0* 9.0 meters.