Low energy consumption

Turbine mounted

Low energy consumption

The cooling tower is only one item in a cooling water system. The cooling water pumps and fans take care of water and air circulation and, consume energy by doing so. A cooling tower is designed to give maximum capacity at a given maximum ambient temperature (WBT wet bulb temperature). However, this wet bulb temperature is not reached for a great part of the year.

Excess cooling tower capacity is reduced in an economical manner to the actual outside conditions. The speed of the water turbine is proportionally controlled by the volume and pressure of the cooling water. Adjustment can thus be made to variations in ambient temperatures or process requirements.

The tower capacity is totally controlled by the surrounding conditions. In low season only a part of the flow needs to be operated to enhance a stable output temperature, whilst in peak times the full flow is available. The water energy is controlled by a multi-pump system or a frequency controlled pump system.

In situations where the cooling demand is around 75% of the design conditions, AQUAFAN cooling towers use 50% less energy compared to conventional cooling tower systems.

Sample energy comparison calculations for AQUAFAN can be found in the download section.