Back Washing Plate Heat Exchangers

Extend time between cleaning interruptions

Automatic Back Washing

Automatic backwashing systems reverse the flow and backwash the shell-and-tube or plate-and-frame exchangers. Pre-filtration can only remove large particles. Fine particles such as silt, sand, mud and other suspended solids enter the plate heat exchangers and accumulate between the plates, which causes plugging and promotes scaling and pitting.

An Eqobrush reversal valve can simply be installed on the supply and return pipes. It periodically reverses the flow through the exchanger for a short time and without interrupting its operation. The flow returns to normal direction after a short while (less than a minute). Periodic back-washing by means of an automatic back-washing system dislodges accumulated solids and allows substantially longer intervals between interruptions of operation for cleaning.

Plate Heat Exchangers