Principles of operation

Principles of operation


Operating principle of Automatic Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

The brush heat exchanger tube cleaning system consists of two catch baskets and one brush for each heat exchanger tube. Both baskets are permanently fitted to the pipe ends and serve to accept the brushes.

By reversing the direction of the cooling water flow in the heat exchanger, the brush is pressed through the tube and at the other end it is accepted by the basket.

When the cooling water stream is diverted again in the normal direction, the brush returns to the catch basket located at the delivery end cleaning the inner walls of the tubes as it travels.

The reversal of the water flow direction occurs by means of a reversing armature which can be set to any desired cycle via an electric actuator and control box.
This heat exchanger tube cleaning interval is fixed by our engineers according to the operating conditions and degree of contamination of the cooling medium, but  dependent on seasons or other influences it may also be changed by the operating personnel.

Normal water stream


Reversed water stream


The cleaning action of the brush makes it possible to remove loose, gelatinous deposits from the internal surface of the tube without any restriction and hard deposits, tending to adhere more strongly, cannot even get the opportunity to
form. Moreover, sludge-accumulations or other contamination are precluded.