Project number  
Client name  
Manufacturing date  

Valve details

Valve selection KV PN
Valve number  /
Material Q
Pressure level  bar
Maximum flow  M3/hr
Compensators supplied  
Weight  kg Including actuator
Connection pipe diameter (A)  mm
Length (B)  mm Excluding compensators
Width (C) 1240 mm
Flange standard GB
Shaft / key D50 / 14×9
Control panel no. 13070
Valve ID 000036/7670/3

Actuator details

Serial number  
kW  kW
Voltage  V

QC info

Pressure test  Bar /   minutes
Runtime swing box  seconds
Total cleaning cycle time  seconds


Brushes and Baskets

Brushes and Baskets Code Size Quantity
Brushes N  mm  
Baskets H  mm  
Sockets B  mm