China Quality Control (Quality Inspection, Factory Audit, FAT) During Travel Ban for Non-China Residents

Quality Control in China is an important part of product importing process.
Since China announces an inbound travel ban for all Non-China residents, this may create serious issues for overseas buyers that depend on China supplies and that need feet on the ground for:

  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Audit
  • Quality Control

Just a QC at the end of the production process is very often insufficient. By flagging issues in an early stage, major delay or damages can easily be avoided.

Quality Control and Quality Inspection in China - How WATCO Group Can Help

Watco Group may be able to help in these difficult times.
Wacon Guangzhou is in charge of all procurements in China for the Watco Group. Our engineering team has a wide experience in dealing with Chinese manufacturers, particularly for technical items.

In our regular business we cooperate with existing and new suppliers in the set up of Quality Assurance programs from the initial project phase to final delivery of the goods or equipment.

Quality Control Services Watco-Group Offers

Factory Audit

A factory audit is a standardized process to determine if a supplier or vendor conforms with the required business standards in delivering high quality products and services

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a process that evaluates the equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications

Product Monitoring

Every Day Quality Control From Start to Shipment

Permanent Product Monitoring is a process by which the product is under control of Quality Inspector starting from the very beginning of production until the shipment day, with daily reports prepared.

Custom Inspection / Audit

Extensive Support

Custom Inspection / Audit implies that we, and our experience, are at your disposal to make an inspection/audit adjusted by your custom requirements and wishes.

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

First Article Inspection (FAI)
Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • Materials/components
  • A prototype
  • First product and process of its production
  • The processes of mass production

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

Online Production Quality Control

During Production Inspection (DPI) / During Production Quality Control (DPQC) is a process by which the products and the quality of all factors involved in production are inspected while production is underway, with at least 20% of production being completed.

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment Inspection is a random inspection, done before shipment, with the goal to check whether the product meets quality standards, technical specifications, quantity and requirements stated in the contract.

Loading Supervision

Container Loading Check (CLC)

Container Loading Check (CLC) / Container Loading Inspection (CLI) is a process by which an inspector makes sure the correct goods are being shipped, the quantity and packing materials meet the requirements, the container is in good condition, the container loading process is done correctly and the containers are properly sealed.

Quality Control in China - Process of Cooperation with Watco-Group

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Quality Control Procedure

Our engineer prepares product’s specification and quality control procedure


Confirming the Inspection Schedule

On-Site Checking

Engineer or Inspector Makes On-Site Inspection

Detailed Report

Detailed Report is being prepared and sent to you

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Transparent Monitoring of Quality Control Process by means of M-Box platform

You will get access to our online project management platform for manufacturing as developed by M-Box. Via this platform the project progress is completely transparent and you will be communicating directly to the team members that are working on your project.

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FAQ about Quality Control in China

You may find this information useful

Should you perform quality control when importing goods from China?

The process of manufacturing varies between batches and manufacturers and quality issues will arise. They can be minor or severe, for example
Minor issues: dirt, scratches, minor cosmetic issues, and mark.
Severe quality issues, such as wrong colors, inappropriate labels, lose parts, non-functioning items, broken items, missing items etc.
The problem with ordering in China (and other overseas suppliers’ markets) is that if you find the problems after importing into your own country, returning goods or even reclaiming damages is impossible. That’s why it is important to conduct a quality inspection before shipment.

What are the checks a quality inspector can perform?

A quality inspector can perform any type of checks based on available products. Some of the examples are:
• Taking photos of equipment and its labels.
• Product measurements.
• Product’s visual inspection where the quality inspector check for defects and damage.
• Packaging.
• Product function verification.
• Drop test and more.
The quality inspector aims to make sure that the product comes with the necessary quality and specification requirements.

What will I get after the completion of the quality inspection?

Quality checks by third parties will be done according to your instruction. Make sure to precisely define what needs to be checked, how large the sample size should be and how you the report should be presented and with which supporting documents, video’s photo’s etc. Our staff can, based on their long experience, cooperate with you to prepare a QC-protocol.

What to do with the quality control data?

The QC data help to assess if the goods are acceptable, and preferably you will have agreed on detailed specifications and minimal acceptance rate with the supplier before confirming the order. From the report, you know about defects and the quality of the product and decide whether to reject or approve the order.

Should I inform the supplier in advance?

Inform your supplier that you will do a quality control inspection before accepting the goods before ordering the products. It is important to make the vendors understand that you adhere to certain processes to make sure that you get what you ordered.

How to plan the quality control inspections?

Start planning the QA/QC procedure from the moment you prepare the product specification. If you seek valuable advice from the Wacon in the setup of the protocol, contact us as soon as possible.

What are the cost of the service?

Depending on the specific project you are working on we will make a proposal. Our rates are very friendly and are based on rates ranging from US$ 100-US$ 300 per day, per person depending on expertise and seniority required.

When will my products be checked for quality?

We generally inspect the product before the commencement of the product shipment and payment of the rest amount. Well, you can also go for an on-site product quality inspection while the products are under the production stage. The reason behind this, by carrying an inspection during the production stage, you can identify the issues like incorrect materials, colors, and more, which can be corrected during the process.
It is advisable to conduct production as well as a pre-shipment check of the product if your order amount is more than USD 10,000.

How to make sure the QC-inspector is qualified?

It depends on the things that you have mentioned in the checklist or that we agreed on in the protocol we created together. We will make sure all the quality inspectors come with a solid track record.

Should we submit pre-production samples?

If available, do that. It will help us to understand the product in a better way. An early inspection can help to know whether the product is good or not.

The samples are inspected. Will they be destroyed?

Some tests are destructive, and samples will render useless. Nevertheless, you may require these to be passed on to you. Mostly however, the inspected samples will remain in the batch and available for shipment. Inspection samples may be required for further approval before shipment.

Is it necessary to carry out a quality check for every order?

It is good to inspect every order. As mentioned above, product manufacturing is a complex process. One mistake can affect the whole batch. Manufacturers may use different (cheaper materials) for follow up orders, test where they can cut corners. Unqualified subcontractors may have been used to manufacture goods. So, it will be better to do a quality check before initiating each shipment. Also, your suppliers will try the bet to keep the defect level lower if they know you will inspect the product.

Can you also check whether my products adhere required safety standards?

The inspection agent can check the product labels. By checking the labels, they verify the product’s compliance with different requirements. We may not have the tools to conduct lab testing but this can be done through 3rd parties. If you want to do the lab test, then you will have to pay for it separately. But remember that it is quite expensive than traditional product tests.

What to do when quality issues emerge?

If the quality inspectors find a few and minor issues, you can move ahead and give a green signal to the order, maybe after negotiating a compensation. However, if they find severe issues, you may ask the vendors to rework the goods. Once done, inspect the product again.

Can I go for product quality inspection once the product reached my country?

You can but if you find issues, you can’t do anything. In fact, you can’t even return the products and ask them for a refund. Even if the vendors accept the return, you may find it difficult to clear the Chines customs. On the other hand, the refund process is also very complicated. But you may not need to deal with all these processes, as the vendors can reject your return. In short, check before you ship!

Can I let the supplier carry out the inspection himself?

You can expect that the suppliers have a perfect quality management system for product development. But when it comes to the product inspection report, you can’t expect an honest report from the suppliers even if there are some issues.
This is where you need the help of a professional third party, with experience in this field. You will find some suppliers claiming that their products are good, and there is no need to go for any third-party inspection. You should not trust such claims.