Turbine Powered Cooling Tower Solutions - Aquafan

How it works

In Aquafan turbine powered cooling towers we convert water pressure into fan movement. The Aquafan cells’ fans are controlled via the system pump’s water pressure. The pumps are selected to generate sufficient pressure to drive the fan. Simple and efficient, saves energy and maintenance.

For applications with limited residual pressure we can select hybrid cooling tower design with fan-motor assist to achieve required fan rotation to deliver the cooling job. 

cooling tower fan
Residue pressure from pump powers the cooling tower fan

Lower energy consumption

Conventional forced draft cooling towers require an electric motor to drive the fan to create the airflow in the tower. AQUAFAN cooling towers utilise the system water pressure to drive a water turbine. Consequently, energy savings of 30% and more are achievable.



No more mechanics or lubrication

Low maintenance

Unscheduled down time of water cooling towers involves substantial costs. Repair and maintenance of mechanical components (electric motor, drive shafts and gearboxes) can be minimized as  AQUAFAN turbines do not use these components and are therefore very reliable in their operation.


cooling tower systems
Integrate the cooling tower into building design

Decorative Design

AQUAFAN cooling towers design have an integrated fan-turbine combination completely made from corrosion free materials that are hidden below the drift eliminators. The box-shaped design of the modules can be perfectly integrated intp architectural design. 

Aquafan's Characteristics

Aquafan's Characteristics


Hydro-powered Turbine Technology

The driving force for the fan is generated from the energy supplied by the cooling water pumps. This energy is utilised in the fan/turbine assembly converting to rotating fan energy. The fan draws the required quantity of air through the packing located immediately underneath the turbine. The distribution system generates an excellent uniform water spread over the fill.

Low maintenance and down-times

Aquafan cooling towers do not have a fan motor, gear box or traditional bearings (lubrication of the system is provided by the water and Teflon bearing ring). Also no electric wiring to the cooling tower is needed.

Low environmental impact

Not only as a result of energy savings, but also as the tower is made out of durable non corrosive materials with a long life span. No discharge oil, motors, gear drives etc.



– no mechanical parts
– Long lifespan


– At least 30% energy saving on operation
– Low cost of maintenance and repair